Disingenuous faces


Disingenuous faces speak our names as the manipulation of ones self for their own gain. Spoken words that the path will lead you to what is called the infamous ladder.  The ladder to success or the ladder of demise. How we believe those faces as we smile knowing their disingenuous intentions are meant with no appropriated demands. Perpetuating times for each day we arise, we function daily with the recompense of our daily labor pains. Arising each day with a smile that leads to a smirk as I know how it all plays. I can only check the king with my intellect but in the end the bureaucratic king will checkmate me . For I am captured into this manipulation as I too want to have my own self gain. I have to roll the dice and hope the disingenuous faces will follow with their spoken words but behind each door there’s  another king standing right there waiting with their disingenuous face.

“Man serves the interests of no creature except himself.” – George Orwell, Animal Farm

Jeu D’Echecs Indien, Henry Picou 1876

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Karen SK
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