The Coveted Temptress


The mistress stood there with her smitten smile and her red stained dress with sin and hopeless desire.

The mistress lost all she had for all she knew was the thirst to take what others have had.

A lover, a thief, a liar, a mistress filled with hopeless desire.

For behind her smitten smile laid a fractured shell that was her temple that many coveted.

As she was the temptress, the mistress, the sad little dove with mangled wings.

She stood there alone, yet surrounded by many.

Her thoughts raced, her body quivered and what was left was the shadow of a sad little girl.

The sad little dove wore her little red dress that was once so beautiful.

She had so much love,hope and desire.

Her heart betrayed her as her life became the story of the other woman.

She became the unlovable, chaotic fractured sad little mistress coveted by many but she was always alone.

Karen S-K

Copyright 2015

All Rights Reserved

There you are……..


There you are, as if the night whispered your name so ever gently as you laid across the waters bay.

There you are, a peaceful light used for those who seek more to this moments delight.

There you are, a fragile beast, so delicate with razor sharp teeth that could gnaw through the bone.

There you are, another soul awaken from its darken den that he once knew as his home.

There you are, another wave came crashing down, drowning those if they become his prey.

There he laid whispering into the night sky, across the waters bay, peaceful in the moments delight. A beast with razor sharp teeth that could penetrate the bone. His soul awoke from his darken abode as the waves crashed down upon his prey and he set sail onward under salty dark blue seas…..

There you he felt his beastly ways melt upon her hallowed hole as the whispers echoed a new fortune for him as he finally found his vitality, his home and found her beautiful soul…..

Karen S-K

Copyright 2015

All Rights reserved

Edacious Flesh


His flesh yearned as he laid deep within her breast, so deep, so proud as if he claimed his stake as if he had dominated his greatest conquest. So loud, so new, so beautiful, so luminous that it could blind all that would peer through;the depths that could echo his yearning flesh into millions of stars seeking the blindness of night though his love so sweet yet, so deeply intertwined beneath the delicate soft saturated sheets. His flesh yearned another layer of life that he buried so deep amongst his burrowed pride. So illuminating, so everlasting true for he felt a sense of idolatry and she felt his edacious lovely truth.

Karen S-K
Copyright 2015
All rights reserved

Burned without Pain



Exactly how many times does it take for someone to get “Burned” before the realization that there is no more pain. The pain we internalize yet don’t project. Ruminating within our minds so in turn, we build walls, we create situations or circumstances from the ashes left from the flames that yet again we allowed for it to burn. Life is full of burns yet, we let those walls crumble in those moments of trust, love, and the idea that the flames don’t exist and the burns fade away. So, the walls fall, the water rushes in and all that’s left are glowing ambers that no longer burn because there is no more pain that ruminates. The scars exist and its true beauty remains as we realize that the pain was just an internal reflection of our own light.

“Today is only one day in all the days that will ever be. But what will happen in all the other days that ever come can depend on what you do today” ERNEST HEMINGWAY, For Whom the Bell Tolls

Copyright 2014
Karen SK
All rights reserved