Omission of Sorts


For every¬†being, there’s a glimmer of deception instilled within our psyche that can penetrate the obscure walls that we create. We unleash these walls in hopes to grasp that the reality instilled is just an omission of sorts. For every being has a glimmer of vitality that pervades within these obscure walls; for how can we see the deception when it’s the perception of how we encounter it all. The enemies we see, the allies we face, for you see; it’s only the heart wrenching reality that we perceive that becomes our glimmer of fate and our desire¬†of life

Karen S-K
Copyright 2015
All rights reserved


Glimpses of fate


For a time an existence awaits
An existence of the moments
These moments we desire
into this life that we all perpetuate

Through these moments
glimpses of hope
where happiness prevails
our true fate is never sealed
our true love never elopes

For a time, an existence awaits
the paths we walk, the embers that fade
the trails we lead to the moments we make
oh what an existence we all create

Through these moments
glimpses of fate
where desire prevails
and the end is what you make
our true fate is never sealed
our true love never elopes

Trying to make something that doesn’t exist
into a glimmer of reality
Into a reality of your own
You know within your soul
its not what we try to make

As the existence of desire fades

as your face begins to fade away

The realization that it was all created just to help ease the pain

Copyright 2014
Karen SK
All rights reserved