The Coveted Temptress


The mistress stood there with her smitten smile and her red stained dress with sin and hopeless desire.

The mistress lost all she had for all she knew was the thirst to take what others have had.

A lover, a thief, a liar, a mistress filled with hopeless desire.

For behind her smitten smile laid a fractured shell that was her temple that many coveted.

As she was the temptress, the mistress, the sad little dove with mangled wings.

She stood there alone, yet surrounded by many.

Her thoughts raced, her body quivered and what was left was the shadow of a sad little girl.

The sad little dove wore her little red dress that was once so beautiful.

She had so much love,hope and desire.

Her heart betrayed her as her life became the story of the other woman.

She became the unlovable, chaotic fractured sad little mistress coveted by many but she was always alone.

Karen S-K

Copyright 2015

All Rights Reserved