Underneath a rock


It came crawling from underneath a rock, twisted and burrowed for no one to come upon. A little home made for no one to see underneath a broken limb right next to a tree. The home became the reality of life how simple things became, how transparent the world was made. For underneath that rock, they made a home far away from the hawking trolls and the bewitching scoundrels that now master the ground above. They left a trail for others to come seek for the trolls and scoundrels would never look below the rocks and the trees. One day came and the sound of thump echoed to the bottom underneath the rock, for others have found their trail and the look of their faces bewildered them as they slipped deeper below  not knowing that they came to bring them the news of the goods. The world is a better place now without the hawking trolls and bewitching scoundrels so please come up from underneath that rock. They were startled and scared how could they make another place home until they saw the face of an angel gazing down, they knew there was no fear, there was only light from above, this rock was just a casing of what they thought the world had become.

“We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell” -Oscar Wilde

Rocks-with-Oak-TreeRocks with Oak Tree- Vincent Van Gogh

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